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Fine Middle-Eastern Cuisine

Lul Grill Cafe is truly unique. One fact that sets it apart from the rest is that it’s open until


two o’clock in the morning. It doesn’t matter how late you show up, there are always

people hanging out, sitting outside, and in no hurry to leave. Just a calm and mellow

atmosphere among friends is what you’ll find here. You will also learn that it’s never too

late to have a Mukpatz. A what? Yes, at Lul, their specialty is called Mukpatzim. It’s a dish

that can be served with either chicken or beef in a variety of spices from different ethnic

cultures such as Asian, Middle Eastern, Moroccan, Thai, Malaysian and Chinese. The

dish can be be served on a plate with either rice, French fries or it can be served in their

special baguette. Other than their Mukpatzim, you can start off your Middle Eastern

adventure with their Israeli platter of hummus, falafel and babaganush.


To enjoy as many cultures as you can, one can also have a Moroccan Cigar, Merguez or

stuffed grape leaves. The restaurant also serves pasta, fish and grilled foods - such as

steak, chicken, kebabs and more. Of course, they also serve authentic Middle Eastern

delicacies, such as Malawach and Burekas. The atmosphere is fun and cool. You can

smoke a hookah (flavored tobacco water pipes), while listening to Israeli music and

watching concerts on a flat screen. During the week, Lul offers a variety of events such as

singles night where young men and women come to meet and talk. New owners took over

the restaurant in 2007, but kept with the Lul tradition of excellent food and great customer

service, plus adding special items and renovating the place making it more colorful and


 NEW!!! You can order your shabbat meals ready :Order by the phone


18288 Collins Ave, Suite 2
 Miami , FL 33160
Directions: We are located in the RK plaza
Next door to CVS Pharmacy

For Catering/ Party , please contact
us directly at 305-933-0199

or  email: lulgrillcafe@gmail.com

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Monday-Thursday - 12 pm to 12 30 AM 

Friday - 11 pm to 2hrs before shabat

Saturday -1 hour after shabat to 2 am

Sunday : 12 Pm - 1 Am

Telephone: 305.933.0199

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